El guitarrista de Queen, Brian May tuvo una actitud desafiante con un periodista quien lo estaba incomodando y al final él fue para este medio de comunicación el villano.

Es por ello que el mismo músico tuvo que pronunciarse vía redes sociales para aclarar el hecho, la cual está perjudicando su imagen.

Desde un comienzo, Brian May le pidió a este periodista que dejase de grabar, pero como muchos de su profesión insistió. El guitarrista de Queen admite que cayó en su trampa al actuar de esta manera tirándole el celular que grababa al piso.

Hasta tres publicaciones colgó el músico quien dice tener una buena bienvenida a Brisbane, Australia y que conversó con los padres del chico con el que se estaba tomando la foto, segundos antes que tomara la decisión que le costó un reportaje en su contra. Inclusive ellos, además de los fanáticos en redes sociales están a favor de cómo Brian May actuó.

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My Welcome to Brisbane ! First of all THANKS to so many of you folks who managed to find a way to send me supportive messages while I’ve been quietly trying to work my way through the feelings generated by the incident that happened at Brisbane Airport, just moments after I landed in Australia. No – I’m not all right. But I will be. It certainly ruined my day, and if that’s what you wanted, Channel 7, then you got it. There’s a fine line between anger and depression, and I’ve been struggling with all of that since I got ambushed and harrassed by a TV News team, fresh off the plane from New Zealand. Now, obviously I’m not a novice at this … I’ve interacted with literally thousands of news reporters, photographers and cameramen over the last 50 years. I’m not exactly known for being aggressive, even in the face of provocation, but this guy caught me unawares – one of the rudest and most disrespectful video cameramen I’ve ever encountered. As we drove out of the airport, I noticed a small group of young kids with Queen albums, waving a welcome. I find it hard to just drive by in a case like this. Yes, they could have been pesky e-bay hounds just looking to make a quick buck, but these guys looked like very genuine fans. This stuff still matters to me. So we stopped the car and I got out to sign their Queen material, and they kindly gave me gifts of typically Australian goodies. Lovely. Pressed up against the kids was a guy with a huge TV camera. I’d noticed him, obviously, but I had no idea who he was – whether he was part of the party of kids, or a third party. I just let him film for the few moments I was signing the albums. But these kids were clearly very moved by the meeting, and I felt they deserved to have a few moments NOT being filmed for public sharing. So, in the nicest possible way, I turned to the cameraman and asked if he’d stop filming, now he’d got his story, and give us some private moments. He refused. He kept on filming, and aggressively turned the camera close-up on my face. That, to me, felt like deliberate invasion of my space, and downright unfriendly. At that moment, everything changed. (To be cont’d). Bri
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