La esposa de Juan Alderete, Anne ha estado publicando activamente en el Instagram del bajista y está con mucho optimismo de su recuperación.

Aunque estaba en coma y tiene severas lesiones cerebrales la mujer del músico de 56 años, afirma que puede mover el cuello.

A la pregunta que si está con dolor asienta con la cabeza, lo mismo le respondió al cuestionarle si estaba preocupado, aunque dijo que no extrañaba a sus gatos Sophie y Gigi.

Sin embargo, esto no es consistente ya que muchas veces no responde o solo está en capacidad de hacerlo dos o tres veces al día.

"Es una muestra de esperanza y espero que sean muchos más. Será un camino largo, es muy difícil saber si es que Juan comprende las cosas, si él entiende lo que sucedió", dice su mujer Anne quien pide que la sigan apoyando con la campaña de GoFundMe.

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Hi everyone. I wanted to share an update on Juan along with one of my favorite photos of him, sitting in our guest room playing with pedals (where's @nickreinhart ?). Starting a couple of days ago, he has very intermittently started following commands. I asked him if he was in pain, and he shook his head no. I asked him if he was worried, and he shook his head yes. I asked him if he missed Sophie and Gigi (our cats) and he shook his head no (they're going to be BUMMED!). He's nodded to a couple of other questions from his mom as well. It's not consistent - for example, 10 minutes later, he won't respond at all or he will only respond 2 - 3 times a day. But it is clear when he does. This is such a promising sign, and hopefully just one of many more to come. It is going to be a very long's difficult to know at this stage what Juan understands, if he knows what happened...there are so many unanswered questions. We appreciate your continued support and ask humbly to please keep sharing the GoFundMe page (link in profile) since unfortunately the road to recovery in the U.S. is one that requires a lot of funds. And to those who have apologized because you can't donate, please - PLEASE don't feel the need to be sorry at all! Your love and messages of support (and the #playforJuan videos!) are AS healing and helpful. #juanalderete #johnalderete #playforjuan
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