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DevilDriver se han visto obligados recientemente a cancelar sus shows en vivo debido a un tumor que afectó a Anahstasia, la esposa de Dez Fafara. El cantante había decidido interrumpir las actividades con el grupo para permanecer cerca de su esposa durante el tratamiento. Ahora, después de la cirugía, el melanoma invasivo que le diagnosticaron la pierna fue extirpado y Anahstasia está totalmente curada.

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Part One ☝🏻 Today I want to share with all of you some Amazing News! This may be a long post🤷‍♀️ Almost two months ago I was diagnosed with Invasive Malignant Melanoma aka Skin Cancer. Most melanoma under the skin grows from left to right and mine was growing DOWN,which was not a good sign. It surely what would have been a much longer time period meaning if we went by the doctors that tried to schedule my appointments months out but my pushy and loving bull of a Husband was not going to let that Cancer just grow in me, so he took matters in his own hands and was extremely involved and had appointments and surgeries scheduled within weeks!! My surgery was successful🌟 A very large deep incision on my leg returned “Clean Margins” meaning they removed all the Cancer! We were awaiting tests from another incision on my lymph nodes which they removed to check if it had spread. I had an amazing surgical team in Doctor MATTHEW Selleck and his partner RN Garret ... FYI as they wheeled me into surgery they were blasting Nirvana Lol I knew then I was in very good and capable hands!😁 Next was an intense months long waiting game as they went over with not one but three pathologists to determine why I had a few dark cells in with my lymph nodes that clearly were not melanoma but were of concern. After 3 pathologists and a round table of Oncology doctors reviewed my cells they all determined that indeed fair haired , light eyed people and others sometimes have some dark cells in the lymph nodes nodes and that these were not a concern to them -Just an Anomy.. this gave me and my family the Clean Bill of Health but I must be seen every four months for the rest of my life to have ultra sounds and scans. I wanted to thank everyone who showed myself and my family love and concern. I know there are many dealing with a much worse cases of this deadly disease all over the World, my empathy and heart goes out to all the families enduring, waiting on tests, having surgeries and basically living at hospitals to try and survive. This has been a life changing event for myself, my husband and all of our close family. See following post for Part 2

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