Randy Blythe se encuentra de gira junto a su banda Lamb of God y teloneando la gira de despedida de Slayer.

Mediante su Instagram, publica varias anécdotas mediante las instantáneas que él personalmente toma con su cámara.

Recientemente, publicó una serie de fotos de la joven banda Forever 333 quienes acaban de lanzar su disco debut "Strenght in Numb333rs" publicado en este año y su EP "Made an America" ha sido nominado para un Grammy al Mejor performance de Rock.

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Randy Blythe destaca la energía que tiene esta banda en vivo luego de verlos en el festival Sonic Temple. El vocalista Jason Aalon Butler quien estuvo cantando hasta las tribunas y además realizó un crowdsurfing con un cofres.

“Respect” Columbus, OH. 5.18.2019. The other day at @sonictemplefestival I woke up & immediately started doing a lot of stuff- press, business meetings, catching up with friends, etc. Finally I cruised over to our stage to see what was poppin’ & THIS band, @fever333, were playing. I watched one song and immediately got my camera. These dudes were straight WILDING OUT. Normally, you watch a dynamic live act, even the most energetic hardcore band, & you think “They have a lot of energy, & the front man is insane.” With Fever 333, all three of them were GOING THE FUCK OFF. The goddamn DRUMMER was jumping off shit in between songs. The stage carpet got ripped up, their singer dumped a huge trashcan over his head (there was garbage everywhere), the guitar player was going nuts jumping over shit, the drummer somehow found a giant piece of plastic sidestage and was flying through the air looking like he was in Dragon Ball Z or some shit- it was ILL. I had never heard a single note of their music before & I was getting so pumped up I literally had to restrain myself from running onstage & starting to fuck shit up with them, haha. For me, that’s the sign of a good band- they make me lose my mind from the start. Just incredible energy, & it made me pumped up to go play later myself. I had a really nice talk with them after the show- SUPER cool dudes (2 from LA, one from the ATL), & their music is socially conscious, which as anyone who knows me is aware, is a huge bonus in my book. They also knew our music, & were stoked me & my band were watching their gig. They blew me away live, so I show respect where respect is due. I love seeing the youth BRING IT with that straight-up fire I saw so much of in the 80’s at punk & hc shows, so shout-out to @fever333. REAL RECOGNIZES REAL, MOTHERFUCKERS. If you get a chance to check them out, do so- it’s an experience you won’t forget! #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaM #LeicaM10P #LeicaM10Ptyp3656 #🔴📷 #Summicron #Summicron75mm #LeicaCraft #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #drandallblythe #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic
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