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Tim Lambesis, vocalista de As I Lay Dying, recientemente publicó una imagen de su boda y reveló detalles de la misma en una publicación por el Día de San Valentín. Como sabemos, Tim se casó con su esposa Amanda durante el 2015 cuando estaba preso.

I’ve posted a couple photos with @amandadubord before, but it’s hard to properly introduce her without sharing a little bit of our story. She was my source of strength through the hardest 6 years of my life. She loved me at the top before I fell, and she somehow loves me even more now. Different people came and went during those 6 years, but Amanda, our family, and a few close friends were the only ones there the whole time. She hated seeing what I became, but she was still able to see that the man she loved wasn’t lost forever. I reached out my drowning hand, and she helped pull me ashore. Amanda drove hours to see me in chains behind thick glass for only 30 minutes. There were weeks when I was on 24 hour lockdown and my eventual 15 minute phone call with her is what got me through depression and isolation. When I finally got transferred to a medium custody facility I was able to finally see her in person again. We had been talking about it for years and finally ended up getting married about 6 months later. Even though it was just the two of us with our parents standing in front of some filing cabinets in the visiting room, it was the most real and beautiful moment of my life so far. Now we’re nearly inseparable, making up for years lost and pushing each other to reach our goals and be better people. There was so much pain to overcome, but there is also so much strength that came from it. That is why I call Amanda a warrior.
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